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Wishing you a happy (and blue) Earth Day

April 21st, 2010

Tomorrow is Earth Day, when we step back and take the time to admire the natural wonder of our environment. One day hardly seems sufficient for such a large and important subject. We hear a lot about making every day Earth Day – a notion we at CalOceans support wholeheartedly.

But our Earth is made up of more than earth. In fact, 70 percent of it is ocean! So this Earth Day, take some time to pay tribute to that big, blue “silent majority” off the coast. One good way to celebrate is to go see the new Disney Nature movie, “Oceans.” Narrated by MPA advocate Pierce Brosnan, it’s a moving visual spectacle: incredible sea life and habitat, from whales and sardines to kelp forests and coral reefs.

Such a vast and wonderful world off our shores, and the Marine Life Protection Act is our change, in California, to give all that sea life and fighting chance at survival as our environment continues to change. 

Happy Earth Day from your friends at CalOceans!

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